2XU Compression Race Sock White

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  • Powerful yet super lightweight
  • Proprietary knit structure with highly breathable panels for increased airflow and moisture management
  • Graduated compression to promote increased circulation during activity and recovery through proprietary Compression Fit Technology and knit structure
  • Ideal for running, endurance activities, workout sessions, competitions and racing
  • Great for recovery post workout or competition, extended periods in a static or sedentary position, standing or sitting, standing or sitting, sleeping, rehab from injury or surgery or DVT Protection When traveling
  • Allows for increased circulation
  • Minimize Shin Splints
  • Reduces muscle fatigue, damage and injury
  • Increases Oxygen to muscles
  • Stronger performance and better race times
  • Engineered Fabric and Knit Structure
  • Powerful Zoned High Compression Panel that wraps around the ankle to create a peak pressure zone to ensure maximum venous return and better circulation
  • Lightweight Zoned Breathability Panel surrounds the shin and calf to create a gradient but consistent pressure at the calf while high denier yarns in back ensure maximum muscle stabilization
  • Vented Toe Panel for maximum toe and foot bed breathability
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