3T Palladio Pro Post 350/31.6

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This Seat post is 350mm in length and has a 31.6 diameter.

PALLADIO is the seatpost that solves the adjustment problem. PALLADIO lets you set the saddle very precisely – to within a half-degree of rotation – and lock it down securely at exactly the right angle.

You can adjust the saddle's fore-and-aft setting in the certainty that this won't compromise saddle angle. The key is the 3T-patented DiffLock™ adjusting mechanism, which ensures there’s no interaction between clamp bolts and saddle support. The bolts don’t need to be torqued down hard to achieve a secure fixing. Even if the bolts were to shake loose, the post can’t let the saddle tip the rider violently off.
Light, strong and stable, PALLADIO is a technical breakthrough offering a practical solution to a longstanding issue.

Note: PALLADIO fits only saddles with industry-standard 7mm diameter round-section rails. Do not use this seatpost with saddles with oval rails, or rails in carbon-fiber composites.

PRO offers an ideal balance to riders who insist on top-class performance at the keenest price. This group typically includes many amateurs who purchase their own equipment. PRO components often employ traditional materials such as Al 7075 and Al 6061 alloys to contain fabrication costs. But like all 3T products, they benefit from the 3T Intelligent Production Lifecycle, assuring right-first-time design and quality, at prices that meet the needs of today’s discriminating bike riders. Count on PRO components to perform to the highest levels.

• All-new DiffLock clamping mechanism
• Accurate, easy saddle adjustment
• Remarkable price-performance
• Diameter: 27.2mm
• Material: Al 7071
• Bolts: Stainless steel
• Saddle Clamp: Alloy
• Setback: 25mm
• Finish: Shot peened/Black anodized

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