3T Palladio Team Post 350/27.2

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PALLADIO is the seatpost that solves the adjustment problem. PALLADIO lets you set the saddle very precisely - to within a half-degree of rotation - and lock it down securely at exactly the right angle

Top Features of the 3T Palladio Team Carbon Setback Seat Post

Weight: 159g
Length: 280, 350mm
Diameter: 27.2, 31.6mm
Material: Carbon-fiber
Bolts: Stainless steel
Saddle Clamp: Alloy
Setback: 25mm
Finish: UD Gloss Black
Certification: CEN

Product Data

MTB: Yes
Weight (g): 159
Road: Yes

You can adjust the saddle's fore-and-aft setting in the certainty that this won't compromise saddle angle. The key is the 3T-patented DiffLock™ adjusting mechanism, which ensures there's no interaction between clamp bolts and saddle support. The bolts don't need to be torqued down hard to achieve a secure fixing. Even if the bolts were to shake loose, the post can't let the saddle tip the rider violently off. Light, strong and stable, PALLADIO is a technical breakthrough offering a practical solution to a longstanding issue

PALLADIO fits only saddles with industry-standard 7 mm dia round-section rails. Do not use this seatpost with saddles with oval rails, or rails in carbon-fiber composites
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