7Mesh Recon Short

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When we first embarked on the Recon Jacket project, we aimed to highlight the fantastic properties of the WINDSTOPPER® fabric that we've grown to love. It's windproof, lightweight, highly water-resistant, and highly breathable - what more could you ask for? Well... you could ask for a pair of Recon Shorts!

First let’s talk about the material. Using WINDSTOPPER® membrane as the foundation, the softshell fabric is windproof and breathable, offering the comfort of a soft mid-layer and the water resistance of a shell in a single textile. The membrane itself is an ultra thin layer of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) with a micro porous structure. The pores are 900 times larger than water vapour molecules, allowing perspiration to pass through unhindered, while offering complete wind protection and very high water resistance. Completing the package, the membrane is protected by two textiles - a soft textured inner knit for comfort, and an outer woven nylon that provides robust durability against brush and branches.

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