ASSOS Habu Sock

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The Assos habiSock_evo7 is the perfect product for the colder temperatures of late autumn and early winter days. Used in combination with Assos' toeCover_s7, or thermoBooties when you need better protection from cold and damp in the toe and ankle areas.

Assos use a Merino wool blend to keep your feet warm and protected from excess moisture. Polyamide inserts help in keeping your feet dry. Assos also employ an antibacterial and anti-odour treatment to help prevent unpleasant odours and ensure a long-lasting product life. Texture compression is also a feature designed to promote blood circulation.

CAMPIONISSIMO AEPD (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design)
Assos have designed an ergonomic construction with reinforced areas in the heel and sole of the foot. The socks also offer a compact and compressive structure.

habuSock_evo7 is the perfect product when intermediate Socks_S7 are not sufficient to protect from the cold, and when you want a more fully enveloping feeling of warmth without sacrificing performance while keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

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