ASSOS skinFoil Summer LS White

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This base layer has been designed to be the only next-to-skin garment which sits under your bib shorts and jersey. Working in combination with other Assos products, rider comfort is guaranteed and the garments work in conjunction with each other to wick away sweet and keep you cool.

What Is It?

The new skinfoils represent the genetic evolution of the outgoing line of ASSOS skinfoil baselayers. Based on their seamless tubular knitting technology, ASSOS skinfoil_s7 baselayers represent the inner core of the ALS, the Assos Layering System. They are your next-to-skin first-layer product and without a properly fitting skinfoil, the rest of your outfit cannot perform to its full potential. When wearing ASSOS, always wear an original ASSOS base layer with it - it's the only way to maximize the ASSOS total comfort experience.

Tubeless Seamless Construction

The beauty of this construction is it's cosy fit and is thanks to the extreme elasticity that allows a basic regular fit pattern design to adapt easily to different body types.

Assos Layering System (ALS)

Assos now have only four models: summer, spring/fall, earlywinter and winter. The intensity of sweating - and its associated cooling effect - depends on the type of ride, your exercise intensity, your unique body and your fitness level. So, play with your skinfoils, using them in a higher or lower climarange condition until you determine your perfect, personal ALS.

The general rule of thumb is, the more you sweat, the lighter you should dress. for example, using the ls.spring/fall_skinfoil_s7 in combination with the earlywinter habujacket can be enough if you are a frequent rider in mild, earlywinter conditions. However, another rider who exercises at a lower intensity might want to try a winter skinfoil in this situation.

Top Features of the Assos SS.skinFoil_summer_s7 Base Layer

Summer model for hot conditions
Short sleeve version (SS)
Seamless, next-to-skin AEPD fit
Increased breathability, faster push-pull effect and new V-cut neck to increase air flow
Innovative construction (open mesh)
Fabric works actively to transfer sweat to outer layers
New improved soft compression pattern design

Product Data

Fit: Regular
Road: Yes
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