Bar Fly Hopper Saddle Bag /each

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As cyclists, we drink copious amounts of coffee. If we could, we'd buy it in 25 pound burlap bags straight from the grower. Instead we, like everyone else, purchase small one pound bags, week after week. Having thrown out enough bags to wallpaper a sizeable room, Tate Labs, yet another group of coffee-infused cyclists, designed the Bar Fly Hopper Saddle Bag to put them to good use.
Not so much a bag as a series of straps, the Hopper uses a standard coffee bag to hold your riding essentials. The straps secure the bag tightly beneath your saddle. Without a hook and loop strap around your seat post, your spendy bib shorts won't be subjected to undue chafing. Because coffee bags close using the "fold and pinch" method, the volume of the bag is adjustable depending on how much you wish to carry.
If you chose to not use a coffee bag, or (gasp) just ran out of them, 29er tubes may be held using just the straps.
The Tate Labs Bar Fly Hopper Saddle Bag comes in One size and One color. Though, if you're creative, you may start buying coffee based on the color of the bag for a little extra bike-bling

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