Cadex 36mm Disc Brake Rear Wheel

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Precision reinforced lay-up places carbon fiber only where needed, creating a strong, stiff rim structure weighing in at only 1302 grams.

Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology produces a stiffer, more efficient wheel with outstanding power transfer.

High tensile strength CADEX aero carbon spokes minimize lateral flex for more efficient acceleration and climbing.

The 22.4mm inner rim width creates an increased actual tire contact patch for better traction and impact absorption, better handling, more confidence and less rider fatigue.

CADEX hookless rim technology features a broad inner rim width and durable continuous carbon fiber structure, helping create a rounder tire shape for superior grip and handling plus added sidewall support when cornering, all without compromising weight.

The precision machined low-friction R1-C30 hub significantly reduces bearing load as CADEX ceramic bearings further increase efficiency by offering lower rolling resistance and 1.5x smoother action than steel.

A low 36mm rim profile offers excellent stability in shifting winds.

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