DZNuts High Heat Embrocation

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This cream warms the skin and muscles and has a weather-proof barrier film. In addition to having "Euro-trash" gleaming shine, InHeat High has Anti-Grime Adhesion technology. 

Developed and tested on the European roads by professional cycling teams like Cannondale Garmin Pro Cyling, Twenty 16 Presented by Sho-Air, Velocio SRAM and many other Junior Development teams and cycling camps. An essential training and racing tool (6 oz tube).

"When I first stated racing, the team would say hey, put on the legs or
knee warmers, or sometimes they would break out with...which I thought it
was super cool...vaseline. In fact I came home and told everyone
about vaseline. And now, InHeat has actually solved this problem. This product
has some "heat" in it that allows you to go without any extra clothing
or materials that would actually end up getting soggy and wet and make you
even more cold. By the way, you can actually put the vaseline away
thanks to InHeat!"- Kristin Armstrong, P
rofessional Cyclist and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist

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