Enve Valve Extender 45mm (set of 2)

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ENVE knows a good thing when they see it. The folks at Silca have developed an amazing valve extender, and ENVE brings it in house with ENVE embossing on the gasket. The ENVE Silca Valve Extensions are things of beauty. They are precisely machined, have a gasket that seals in air at the base of the valve, another gasket where the core fits, and the threads are treated with a film sealant to eliminate any air leakage at the threads. There’s also a gasket on the outer wall to eliminate any clicking of the extension against the rim.

One note: they only work with valves that possess removable valve cores. Most tubular tires, most latex tubes possess this. You know it because you can see tiny wrench flats at the top of the valve. These come as a pair, and the set comes with a plastic wrench for removing and installing.

They come in three sizes. There is the 34mm length. Which, assuming a 30mm long valve, will work with clinchers up to 50mm deep and tubulars 44mm deep. The 45 mm length works with clinchers up to 64mm deep, tubulars 58mm deep. The 75mm length works with clinchers up to 92mm deep, tubulars 86mm deep. If you prefer to measure, know the total length of valve plus extension must be 14-24mm longer than the distance from the inner wall of the rim at the valve hole to the outer wall.

Your deep-dish wheels want these ENVE Silca Valve Extensions, whether or not you know it.

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