Lazer Wasp Air Tri Helmet Black Med/Lrg

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We dedicated extensive wind tunnel research, mathematical modeling, and real world testing to make the best possible triathlon helmet. The result is the Wasp Air Tri, designed for maximum aerodynamic gains without sacrificing ventilation and usability.


The Wasp Air Tri is all about user friendly aerodynamic performance. Its shape and design promote optimal airflow over and around the helmet. A trip wire on the top smooths airflow over the tail of the helmet, while an integrated panoramic lens reduces wind resistance and protects your eyes. The lens can be pushed forward to allow additional ventilation.

Ventilation is also aided by a frontal ventilation cap which draws air into the helmet. For maximum aerodynamics, replace the vents with a closed cap. The Aquavent allows you to squirt water into the helmet for evaporative cooling on hot days.

Our ATS Fit System enables progressive adjustment which eliminates pressure points and hot spots, however long you’re in the saddle.

EPS Foam
Advanced Turnfit System (ATS)


Spring loaded cap on the top of the helmet. Use the tip of your water bottle to push the cap open and pour water directly on your head for evaporative cooling.



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