Wolf Tooth Boostinator Boost Adapter Rear Front DT 240/350/370

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Boostinator kits allow non-boost wheels to be mounted in Boost spacing frames and forks.


While incremental, the benefits of the “Boost” 15x110mm front and 12x148mm rear axle standards are clear: better clearance for fatter tires & rims and reduced dish for stiffer, stronger wheels. The big bummer? Taking full advantage requires not only a new frame and fork, but new wheels as well.

In response, we have developed the Boostinator. When paired with compatible 15x100mm or 12x142mm hubs, Boostinator kits allow existing wheels to be mounted in Boost-standard frames and forks. Disc and drivetrain positions are maintained and, thanks to a quick re-dish, spoke bracing angles are improved.

Boostinator kits consist of a specially-designed axle end cap and—in the case of rear kits—a precision-machined rotor spacer with a set of six high-strength bolts. In keeping with Boost specifications, the disc and cassette are shifted outboard, allowing brakes and derailleurs to function as designed


  • Specific model compatibility listed below under the “Models” section

  • Front boostinators are only an endcap and do not require rotor spacer.  The wheel is re-dished

  • Rear boostinators require both a re-dish and rotor spacer 

  • Rear Boostinator kits are not approved for rotors larger than 183mm

  • Hubs spacing is 100mm front and 142 rear, and the Boostinators make them 110 and 148 respectively

  • Compatible with 6-bolt FRONT wheels and SOME centerlock models

  • Compatible with ONLY 6-bolt REAR wheels (there is no way to space centerlock rotors over 6mm) 

  • For a complete list of compatible DT Swiss build (Spline) wheels click here

  • NOT recommend (or safe) for non-symmetric lacing like the 2:1 lacing found on some of Industry Nine’s wheels


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