Maintenance & Repair Services


Professional Bike Fitting and Mechanical Services at Via Ciclante

At Via Ciclante, we're more than just a store with a collection of quality brands. We're a team of experienced and passionate cyclists dedicated to helping you achieve your best riding experience through expert bike fitting and mechanical services. Whether you're hitting the pavement, gravel, or trails, our knowledge and expertise will ensure your bike is in top condition and tailored to your individual needs. Let us help you reach your full potential on the bike.


What we offer...

  • Knowledgeable and attentive sales staff
  • Technicians with decades of cycling industry experience
  • Appointment based service
  • Personalized bike fitting
  • Customization options for a truly unique ride

Our customer service promise is to help you achieve the best cycling experience

We guaranteed the work we do. We provide professional assembly and set up of every bike we sell. If there are any problems with your bike within 90 days after purchase, please bring it in and we will make it right.

We honour the manufacturer’s warranty for products purchased from Via Ciclante, so if you have a problem we are here to help.

What we provide

Comprehensive Bike Fitting

Using Video Motion Capture for Road and Mountain bikes

  • Athlete’s interview of current physical condition, injury history and future cycling goals
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Motion Metric video motion capture to understand body posture as well as to help analyse body weight distribution over the bike
  • Cleat alignment optimization
  • Pedalling dynamics analysis of foot and knee tracking as well as understanding ankling patterns
  • Aerodynamic positioning for Triathlon/Time Trial, specifically understanding aerobar set-up additional $100
  • Mountain bike fitting involves suspension tuning to body weight and suspension travel
  • Handlebar width relative to shoulder and lumbar positioning
  • Brake/shifter levers to wrist angles
  • Consultations of aero and tire pressure optimization are included
  • If at the time of purchase you would prefer to have this level of fitting Via Ciclante will offer you this bike fitting service for $150 *

Advanced Bike Fitting using Pressure Mapping

  • This fitting begins with the Comprehensive bike fitting plus...
  • gebioMized saddle pressure mapping to optimise saddle selection, body weight placement and comfort
  • gebioMized foot pressure mapping to optimise foot and cleat interface
  • Pressure mapping technology helps with pedal analysis to identify foot and/or hip imbalances as well as optimising the balance/comfort between the foot and pedal
  • If at the time of purchase you would prefer to have this level of fitting Via Ciclante will offer you this bike fitting service for $300 **

Saddle or Foot Pressure Mapping

We use the gebioMized pressure mapping tools, a state of the art pressure and force measurement technology developed by gebioMized in Munster, Germany. It provides real time data and an intuitive visual representation of the amount and location of pressure on the saddle or at the bottom of the foot while pedalling.

  • Saddle comfort defined while measuring hip motion and/or control while pedalling
  • Comfort optimization by offering insights in choosing the correct saddle and position
  • Hip Imbalances are easily identifiable
  • Identification of the centre of pressure on the saddle, or
  • Shoe and foot optimization
  • Metatarsal positioning relative to pedalling dynamics for optimal cleat placement
  • Identification of centre of pressure of the foot/cleat placement
  • Pedal stroke analysis
Each separate service:

Maintenance Services

All service orders start with a professional mechanic assessing your bicycle and providing you an accurate and detailed estimate within 24 hours.



  • Adjustment of Brakes and Gears
  • General inspection and Torque
  • External cleaning
    Frame set, Wheel set

Comprehensive Overhaul

  • Adjustment of Brakes and Gears
  • Wheel truing
  • General inspection and Torque
  • External cleaning
    Frame set, Wheel set
  • Drivetrain cleaning
    Removing cassette and chain from bike and cleaning with eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Plus so much more...

Our many services include:

  • Installation and replacement of parts and accessories
  • Tune-ups, and/or adjustments, wheel truing, overhaul and rebuilds *
  • Your next step is to book an appointment and schedule a time to drop off your bike and once you have arrived you are in good hands, we will take care of your equipment and have it back to you promptly

* Any additional work may be subject to additional cost. Installation of parts and accessories not purchased at Via Ciclante have extra charge.

** Free bike fitting only when bikes are purchased at regular price. Special rates for bikes with discounted prices.