Pick Up and Drop Off

Yes, we are OPEN for bike repairs!

To serve your bike maintenance needs and adhere to best practices of social distancing we kindly ask you to read and follow these steps.

Step 1
Please call, email or use our new online scheduling platform to conveniently book your appointment. Book Now

Step 2
When booking your service appointment please provide your contact details, type and brand of bike and the services you require. Take a picture (if possible), sometimes a pic says a thousand words.

Step 3
Once your appointment booking has been received Via Ciclante will coordinate a time for your rear-door drop off. Please wait for your confirmation before arriving on our doorstep.

Step 4
A Via Ciclante team member will be waiting for you at the pre-arranged drop off time to receive your bike at the rear door of our store, please be on-time. Please adhere to social distancing when dropping off your bike. We will receive the bike from the back door and you can return home. We will then assess the repairs, the scope of the work and your costs associated with the repair.

Step 5
Via Ciclante will send you a quote via email. Once we have received your approval, we will communicate back to you a time for completion of the work.
Note: From time to time there may be delays because of specialty items or non-stocked parts. All special order parts should be available within 24-48 hours to get you on the road as soon as possible.

Step 6
Upon completion of the work, Via Ciclante will email you the invoice. Please respond with a suggested date and time and for pick-up that works for you.

Step 7
The payment process. Let’s make this easy. You can either call in or email us with your credit card details before pick-up (for your security the email will be deleted after we have processed the transaction). The last option would be payment in store. This would mean that you come into the store and process the credit card transaction. FYI, we will clean the credit card terminal after every transaction.

Step 8
The last step is to pick up your bike at the rear door (same as the drop off) and take it home. Have fun training and spinning your wheels. If you need assistance please ask us, don’t be shy, we are here to help and appreciate your support always. We are in this together.