About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Via Ciclante’s mission is to be a bicycle retailer focused on attention to detail service delivering customer satisfaction. Our vision is to inspire cyclists to pedal their way to happiness and fulfillment.

For over 30 years, we have been providing top quality products to cycling enthusiasts in Streetsville, Mississauga, Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Brampton and other Greater Toronto regions.

We are as passionate about cycling as you are, which is why we are committed to providing you with world-class products and speciality services.

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Our Values

Relationships: We value our customers, employees and trusted suppliers. Fostering these relationships makes our business operate better.

Respect: As a parent, employer and friend we strive to treat others with mutual respect.

Trust: We strive to earn your trust through honesty, integrity and authenticity.

Continuous Improvement: We strive to do our best. We aren’t perfect, but we try to not make the same mistake twice. Through critical analysis of our business we are determined to improve.


Our Story:
Building A Cycling Community

We have been committed to the Mississauga Cycling Advisory committee by supporting the community rides as well as being a corporate supporter of the annual Tour de Mississauga. Thank you Irwin Nayer, a member of the Mississauga Cycling Advisory committee, for engaging us many years ago. We believe that because of your actions and our involvement we are inspiring Mississauga residents to ride their bikes.

We have been committed to inspiring enthusiast trail riding by sponsoring and promoting the Kelso MTB and Cyclocross race series organized by Halton Conservation in Milton. The Tuesday night race series has grown from a small collection of gearheads to an event that inspires all ages to be active and race their hearts out.


Building A Cycling Community

We are active in advocating best practices in trail building and maintenance. We have sponsored and maintain a relationship with Halton Agreement Forest Trail Association (HAFTA). They are a volunteer group who believe in trail building, forest management and having fun on a bike in the forest all year around. Our employees are the heart of our business and we have had the very best people, I mean salt of the earth dudes who live and breathe a passion for cycling. They inspire the spirit of being “Ciclante”.

Thank you to Tony Fitzsimmons and his supportive wife, Jen, for supporting Tony’s cycling dreams and work/play with us in the store. His work has encouraged many to get off the couches and play outside.


Building A Cycling Community

Rob Arizza, is the keep of all mechanical things that work well, and when they don’t we finds a way to make it good again. A committed young man who has the work ethic of the old school pedigree. He lives his passion for bikes by eliminating a car and traveling and adventuring by bike.This youthful vigor makes us old wise guys realize there is a hope for the millennials after all. In 2015, a newly immigrated Brazilian family came to Canada and somehow found us. Probably because they owned and operated a bicycle store in San Paulo. He bought a bicycle for his son before he bought furniture. There is a couple that has their bicycle priorities in check. Who needs furniture anyway? Nick Paulo and Adriana Novelli have offered their knowledge and time, two great gifts that our business and our customers benefit from daily. We are grateful to their hard work, dedication and commitment to our business.


Building A Cycling Community

We thank the Big Wheels of Via Ciclante, without these great people we wouldn’t have this uplifting energetic environment. But before concluding we the management, need to express our gratitude to our valued customers. We are grateful for sharing your cycling adventures with us. The last few years have seen a harshly competitive marketplace for the local bike shop. We also realize that our customers are at the center of our passion for cycling. For us, this business is not just about selling products, it’s about connecting with people through our shared passion for cycling.

Thank you, to you, our valued customers. We hope that we can help and share and inspire for another 100 years. Have fun on your next adventure.