3T Exploro Racemax Boost Force AXS 1x 700c

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3T love riding their Racemax into the unknown. Every mountain peak conquered is the result of your own effort. Still, they sometimes wonder what lies beyond that last peak and the extra Boost helps us find out.

Others may love to ride with a group of friends but don’t want them to wait up at the top of the climbs. A little extra Boost lets you arrive all together.

Or maybe you love to commute to work but want to arrive fresh. The Boost lets you get to the office without a sweat and enjoy an adventurous workout on the way home (after all that’s a lot more time-efficient than driving and having to hit the gym afterwards).

Sram Force AXS 12sp 1x

Mahle X20 motor, Mahle iX250 (236Wh) hidden battery included.

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