Assos HK434 Lady Knicker

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Perfect for warmSpring, Summer and warmFall. Wear ASSOS hK.434 with your ASSOS Intermediate Lady or short sleeve jersey. ASSOS hK.4434 redefines comfort, fit, support and freedom of movement in a women's 3/4 knicker. A true innovation.

A.434 Spandex
The latest evolution of the legendary type A.430 as first seen on the FI.13_S2. It incorporates the latet generation ultra low volume fibre, more stitches per square inch enables greater modular compression and increased return stretch properties.

Top Features of the Assos Women's HK.434 Lady S5 Waist Knickers

Total freedom of movement thanks to intelligent, lady-specific AEPD
ASSOS Lady_S5 elastic interface insert for superior protection
ASSOS Type A.434 spandex: lower volume, soft compression, improved hygiene
ASSOS patented AEPD knee zone: removes pressure points and rotation friction
Pressure-free abdominal zone: breath freely, in total comfort
Reflective visibility stripes

Product Data

Fit: Performance
Style: Full Length
Bib or Waist Tight: Waist
Road: Yes
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