Cadex 65 Disc Brake Rear Wheel - Tubeless

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Hookless carbon rims with custom-calibrated spokes incorporate race-proven Dynamic Balanced Lacing (DBL) technology and offer outstanding durability and optimal aerodynamics at a super low weight. Combined with purpose-designed hubs that significantly reduce friction to eliminate power loss, CADEX 65 wheels offer watt-saving aerodynamic performance with surefooted stability in shifting winds.

With the CADEX Low Friction Hub, we have reduced power loss from the very outset, and with CADEX carbon spokes assembled using Dynamic Balanced Lacing technology, the wheel possesses superior stiffness, resulting in greater transmission efficiency.

Precision reinforced carbon lay-up places carbon fiber only where needed to create an exceptionally robust structure at a super low weight, while durable and stiff CADEX carbon spokes provide maximum performance without extra grams.

Hookless rim design with a wide inner width and less overall weight improves responsiveness and acceleration as precision reinforced carbon lay-up offers unparalleled stiffness for confident handling.

Significant reductions in front and side drag ensure that these wheels fly yet remain stable in shifting winds. With the ultralight CADEX carbon spoke’s custom-designed aero shape and CADEX hookless rim design’s optimum flow transition from the tire to the sidewall of the rim, the result is drastically diminished aerodynamic loss and maximum efficiency.

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