Cadex AMP Saddle 148mm

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Your saddle is the most personal choice you can make for your bike. Comfort is key, but that’s just the start. Pedaling efficiency, fatigue, even your riding position and aerodynamics are affected by saddle shape and construction. The CADEX Amp addresses all these factors and more.

An ergonomic rear curve increases ischial support and a new side-curve profile provides greater pedaling space. This helps the rider push back into the saddle to achieve a powerful and aerodynamic riding position. A crowned shape, which drops quickly away at the wings, and a lower-seated base increase pedaling space. The result is a wider choice of friction-free fit options that maintains efficient power transfer.

Using the same Advanced Forged Composite Technology as the acclaimed CADEX Boost saddle, the base construction of Amp balances optimal pelvic support with base wing flexibility for smoother, more efficient pedaling. A smooth-edge, truncated nose design further increases efficiency by reducing potential inner thigh interference.

Strategically placed rail-to-base connections dampen road vibrations and alleviate pressure points that can occur with traditional saddle construction. An ergonomic center cut-out relieves pressure on soft tissue areas. And the combination of Lightweight Reactive Foam and high elasticity Particle Flow padding, which is built directly into the saddle’s upper, promotes even distribution of rider weight across a broader area, permitting optimal saddle wing flexibility.

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