Own the bike of your dreams today with interest free financing!

No need to rob a bank or ask for permission. Apply to finance your dream bike, wheels, or any accessory at 0% financing. Get your cycling adventures started with the right equipment! It’s easy to dream and even easier to buy your dream bike.

We can arrange financing, in store, in as little as 15 minutes. Everything you need to get approved is in your wallet, and we can get this done with ease.

* 0% financing applies to regularly priced items only.


How does it work?

  • Work with our knowledgeable staff to find the best bike for you.
  • Pick the parts and accessories that you will need.
  • Answer a few questions with our financing experts, so that we can apply for submit a financing application.
  • When authorized, pay a $60 admin fee plus the sales taxes (HST) and you’re ready to roll.
  • Information regarding payment and balance will be sent to you by Desjardins monthly.
  • Make the equal the monthly payments the same way you pay other bills or pay the balance in a lump sum with no penalty. It’s that easy.

Financing Options

12 Months
0% Financing On bikes & accessories
* excluding on sale products
24 12 to 24 Months
w/ Interest On all sale items


Contact us for details

What do I bring?

  1. Canadian Government Issued Photo Identification (Ontario Driver’s License, Canadian Passport, or any Canadian government issued photo identification with the exception of the Ontario Health Card).
  2. Current Home Address (If occupancy is less than 2 years at this address, we would need your previous address).
  3. Employment information (name of employer, address, phone number, position, monthly pay).
  4. Social insurance number (optional).
  5. Your bank’s name and home branch address.
Other Information
  • You will receive a monthly statement indicating your monthly payment requirement and due date.
  • After 10 days from your financing approval, you should receive your Accord D Card, if the purchase has not be completed by this time activate the card and bring it to the store to complete the purchase.
  • Regular and lump-sum payments may be made before the due date without penalty, regardless of the type of financing plan selected.
  • Paying your financing is easy you can pay your Accord D account balances:
    • Online through your online banking site
    • At any ATM that accepts Desjardins credit card payments (except for principal payments)
    • At your Desjardins caisse
    • By authorized payment (except for principal payments)
    • By mail at the following address: Desjardins Card Services, P.O. Box 8601, Centre-ville Station, Montréal, Québec, H3C 3V2 (with appropriate coupon)
    • On AccèsD Internet and via AccèsD Telephone
    • Desjardins caisse members can also pay at any Desjardins ATM.
  • Visit or call 1-800-363-3380 for more information
Financing Details
Interest-Free Equal Monthly Payments

Subject to Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec (“the Federation”) approval. All annual interest rates indicated are subject to change. The “Interest-free equal monthly payments” offer allows the customer to use a credit card issued by the Federation (“the Card”) to pay for purchases through equal and consecutive monthly installments with no interest. Equal monthly payments are included in the minimum payment due on the credit card. If the minimum payment due is not paid in full by the due date, the annual interest rate of not more than 19.9% on the card applies to the unpaid equal monthly installment. There is a 21-day, interest-free grace period on the card from the date the monthly statement is mailed or from the date it is made available in electronic format to settle the account without paying credit charges, except on cash advances and cheques. Minimum card payment is 5% of the total of: the balance shown on the account statement for the previous period; credit charges on purchases and monthly installments that have not been paid on the due date for the current period; regular purchases, cash advances and cheques during the statement period and credit charges on cash advances and cheques. To which are added: monthly installment(s) for the statement period, deferred payment purchases due on the statement date, past due amounts, and any other amount set out in the card contract. Membership/renewal fees of $1 to $150 may apply depending on the card requested or used for the purchase. See details in store.