Garmin Edge 1040 Bundle

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Combining the powerful Edge 1040 with 3 of Garmin’s most popular sensors, this bundle helps you make the most out of your time in the saddle. Sensors track speed, heart rate and cadence on the go, or at home on your trainer. An improved GPS chipset takes care of all of your speed and distance data. Free detailed maps make planning routes for your next ride, or your next tour, nice and simple. And an updated user interface and faster processor have made swiping through the 1040 more intuitive than ever. Longtime Garmin users will appreciate little touches, like a machined aluminum quarter-turn mount, and the change to USB-C. When connected to the free Garmin Connect™ app you can use your favourite fitness apps, receive notifications, download training plans and personalize daily workouts, review activities, and even keep an eye on the weather.

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