Garmin Edge 840 Bundle

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This bundle pairs the Edge 840 with 3 powerful sensors to help you get the most out of your training. Sensors track speed, heart rate and cadence on the go or during training. On-road or off-road, this little touchscreen GPS gets you where you want to go and tells you everything about how you got there. Building on GPS technology from the Fenix line, the latest Edge computers give you access to more satellites and more signals than ever before. These updates give you a stronger GPS connection anywhere you ride, from forests to valleys of glass and steel. Free detailed maps provide turn-by-turn directions to addresses and points of interest, so if there is gelato close by, you’ll find it. Garmin has incorporated their popularity routing into the latest map set, letting you ride the local’s favourite roads and trails, anywhere you go. Pre-loaded with TrailForks, you get access to incredible trail maps right on your Edge. Real-time Strava segment integration displays nearby segments, showing how you compare to your PR and the current KOM or QOM. When connected to your phone via the free Garmin Connect app, you can receive notifications, download training plans, review activities, keep an eye on the weather, and more.

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