Panaracer Gravelking SS

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Building on the success of the Gravelking standard and the Gravelking SK, Panaracer has developed the next generation of tires for gravel with the Gravelking SS. Designed as a dryer, race day ready, fast rolling tire, the SS is designed for racers who want to go fast while maintaining great control, traction and uphill prowess.

The SS features an all-new tread pattern with a smoother, diamond-shaped centre with more aggressive side blocks. This tread pattern allows the rider to maintain speed through corners and maintain control throughout the transition that a race on gravel can present. The Gravelking SS features a soft 120 TPI carcass with a puncture resistant nylon belt and Panaracer's exclusive ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) compound.


Suitable for gravel and off-road driving
Natural rubber construction
Integrated puncture protection
Aramid beads for durability
Tubeless compatible

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