Profile FC25 Drink System

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Flipping over the wings changes the angle of the bracket from flat to a 10º angle, making it easy to level your drink system when the aerobars are tilted.

The durable silicone restraining strap provides hassle free bottle installation and removal.

Streamlined Storage: New Profile Design FC Hydration Systems were designed with one thing in mind to create a clean front-end solution that thoughtfully integrates hydration, nutrition and electronic needs. Integrated storage streamlines nutrition needs into rear airfoil compartment

Forward Computer Mount: Computer mount positions perfectly at the front of the system for optimal viewing.

No-Splash Refill Port: Brand new patent-pending refill port shields splash back.

Dual Straw Positioning: Strategically flexible to fit your preferences. A simple turn of the dial positions straw on the right or left side of the bottle.

Convertible Straw: Swap straw with gap cap to place straw in the front or rear of bottle.

Tilt Increment:  Reversible brackets 0º or 10º option.

Construction: BPA-Free, Foodsafe HDPE Bottle

Colors: Matte Black or White

Capacity: 25oz (739ml), 35oz (1035ml)

Width: 65mm-140mm (center to center)

Weight: 250z (397g)

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