Terry Falcon X Women's Saddle Black

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The Falcon X is recommended for riders in search of fore/aft comfort and speed, and also has the distinction of being named an Editors' Choice by the testers at Bicycling. In addition to having a larger and longer cutaway than the Butterflies or FLX saddles, the Falcon has an inverted v-wing in the rear to provide a greater degree of flexibility and relief to the tailbone. Lightly padded overall with an elevated rear that gives riders a great perch for power climbs. Recommended for road and mountain biking. Hand made in Italy.

black Dura-tek cover with seamless nose and screen-printed design
Terry's signature cutaway through the center of the saddle for pressure relief
V-wing relief channel at the rear
length x width: 259mm x 152mm
weight: 295 grams; 10.4 ounces
rails: FeC alloy

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