Wahoo Roam V2 Bundle Kit

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Outfitted with a dual-band GPS, more memory, and an improved screen, Wahoo has made a good computer even better. With its intuitive navigation and preloaded maps, the ROAM lets you spend less time in menus and more time riding. Bundled with the TICKR heartrate sensor and RPM speed and cadence sensors this package offers complete metrics for performance cyclists. Standby features like the quick-read LED bezel, Strava segment integration, and sleek out-the-front mount, make the ROAM a formidable addition to your cockpit. The dual-band GPS gives your computer more satellites than ever to choose from, so you get a strong signal nearly anywhere. GPS provides speed and distance information, while a barometric altimeter covers ascent, descent, and grade. Equipped with ANT+, Bluetooth Smart, and WiFi, there are a wide variety of sensors to tell you more about how you ride. When trainer season rolls around the ROAM is ready. Seamless smart trainer integration means the ROAM can take control of your smart trainer and help keep you in shape during the off-season. The free companion app makes set-up and customization easy. The app lets you choose how and where your rides are uploaded, what notifications are sent to your ROAM, what maps you have on your device, and more.

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